The Ultimate Course To Boost Your Self Esteem And Finally Make More Money, Even If You Don’t Feel Worthy Of It Right Now.
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The Ultimate Course To Boost Your Self Esteem To Bring Prosperity Into Your Personal And Business Life.
One of the things we all need in life and in business is confidence and a high self esteem.

Having a strong and positive mindset is essential for success, which with low self esteem is hard to achieve.

This course is designed to help you to achieve a higher self esteem, to stop you sabotaging your progress and to reclaim your personal power.

It will help business owners to establish the confidence and belief they need to grow themselves and their business. However, a lot of what you will learn will help you in your life and your relationships as well.

By the time you reach the end of the course you will be able to value your worth, create a vision for your life and business and accomplish your goals.

Worthy Of Wealth Will Help You To:
  •  Discover Where Your Lack Of Self Esteem Began
  •  Stop Sabotaging Your Progress
  •  Add new beliefs that support your happiness AND brilliance
  •  Learn how to reclaim your personal power
  •  Know your strengths and weaknesses
  •  Finally realise how strong you can be
  •  Design a new self-image
  •  Learn the power of forgiveness
  •  Discover the secret to an upset free life
  •   Value your worth
  •  Create a vision for your life and business
  •   Set and accomplish your goals

    Lynda Kenny

    Lynda’s background is in social work but it wasn’t always that way.  

    She was a single parent, scratching the pennies to feed her kids...

    Her self esteem was at all time low..confidence is something other people had NOT her.
    The night she only had a pound left in her purse - JUST ENOUGH TO BUY A CAN OF BEANS and a LOAF OF BREAD for her kids, was the night she was determined she wasn’t going to live her life in poverty forever.   
    Lynda is thankful for that night, it paved the way for her to change her life forever.

    After qualifying as a Social Worker, Lynda spent time working in Child Protection before specialising in Foster Care. In the 1990’s she had the opportunity to assist in setting up an Independent Fostering Agency which became successful and when merging with other agencies of the same group, it became the largest of its kind in the UK.
    During that time, Lynda was a Company Director, Board Member and Shareholder, managing hundreds of staff and a large budget. 

    Lynda’s social work training taught her a huge amount in self awareness and inner confidence. This year she gained a Certificate in Self Esteem Elevation For Adults.  She also has Certificates in Life and Success Coaching.
    In 2018, her goal is to gain a Certificate In High Performance Coaching, hosted by Brendon Burchard.

    Ray Higdon, has mentored and coached her for the past three years. She has appeared on various stages throughout the world, including in the United States on Ray’s Success Panel numerous times.

    Without confidence, self esteem and a strong inner belief she wouldn’t have been able to achieve the things she has in her life.
    Lynda believes Worthy Of Wealth is a way of helping other people gain higher self esteem and confidence to finally make more money, even if they don’t feel worthy of it right now.

    What Others Think

    Sonia Duffy Zuccarello

    I am so so thrilled with Lynda's Worthy of Wealth course. There is just so much value. 

    Before I started going through the modules one by one as instructed, I looked through the overall course first, as I am naturally curious, and I knew, as I had always known, this course was the answer to my prayers. I didn't know I had such a low self-esteem (rock bottom) until I read through modules 1 and 2 and did the exercises on the worksheet.

    Now I am starting to learn what has stopped me from getting anywhere near where I want to be in my life. ME. I didn't realize I was drowning in self-pity and blaming everything under the sun for the reasons why I couldn't move from my paralyzed state of mind. I was even starting to have panic attacks.

    I now realize they were all excuses for my lack of self-criticism and examination.
    Lynda Kenny, where have you been all my life?
    I am so looking forward to going on to module 3 to find out how I can start to overcome self-doubt and higher my self-esteem.

    Lynda, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just knew that when I found you online my life was going to change.

    Everyone that has a low self-esteem, and I reckon that's a huge crowd of people, need this course, Why am I saying that? Because Lynda is such a wonderful, real, caring person and she knows where you're at.

    There are a lot of people out there, on and offline line who say plenty of the right things to impact others but it doesn't take long to realize that the core ingredients are missing....heart and soul. Lynda's got both, without a doubt.

    If anyone is wondering or humming and ahhing. Make the decision and take the plunge, tune in. If you want that higher self-esteem to take hold, don't hesitate any longer. Start to remove the mental blocks.

    Lora Ulrich

    If you want to take your business & your life to next level, I highly recommend Lynda’s Worthy of Wealth Course. Lynda will walk you through the action steps necessary to stop sabotaging yourself so you develop the self-esteem you need to reclaim your power. Hearing Lynda’s story makes it easy to understand her dedication & passion to make a difference in lives of others. She’s been there herself and knows from personal experience how to become Worthy of Wealth and create success in business & life. Thank you Lynda for showing the way!

    Richard Matharoo

    I’ve known Lynda for a long time and hand on heart can vouch for her in any capacity. Lynda is honest, hard working, motivated to learn and has a vast experience in many skills especially presenting and bringing out the best in people. Anyone with the opportunity to partner with Lynda has a great chance to improve their success and results

    Matt Remorino

    Worthy Of Wealth, a course that boosts self esteem and self confidence. Great straight to point helpful videos that don't fluff around the points. With homework each week after each session you are left no option but to improve where you are and who you are. Lynda has a great way of breaking your barriers/blocks down so that you can rediscover your self esteem and truly move up and forward with your life. Thank you Lynda this course has been a life changer for me.

    Kayla Wall

    The Worthy of Wealth Course helped me understand why I was holding myself back and put me into action on creating the life I truly want. Lynda's grace and expert knowledge makes it easy to learn. The action steps at the end of the course are simple but extremely effective. I am now on my way to living the life I never thought was possible before. Thank you Lynda. xo
    Worthy Of Wealth
    PLUS BONUSES (Valued at $1,987)
    Mastering Your Confidence:
    A PDF sharing 10 tips to Master Your Confidence and build your self esteem.

    Self Esteem E Book:
    An Ebook you can refer to every day to keep your self- esteem high and to give you help and assistance to value your self worth.

    Have A Vision Not A Goal:
    A video to help you create a powerful vision for your life and business.

    Secrets From Top Earner Marketing BootCamp:
    A recorded webinar where Lynda shares all her notes from Ray Higdon’s Event, Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp

    Secrets From Speak Your Team Rich:
    A Ray Higdon, three day event where Lynda shares all her notes with you. Some awesome tips contained here.

    Success With Lynda:
    An 8 video course based on Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School, covering all the subjects you need to know to be successful. Copies of ALL the slides.

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